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Survivors of the worst hands in life. . .
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Welcome to the Survivors of Life community! Please be respectful of all, and be honest. I am not a counselour, but I do try to help where I can! Enjoy!

January 2013
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Kara [userpic]
New Member Introduction

Hello everyone, my name is Kara and I'm 21 years old... I live in Orlando, Florida and I am currently attending the University of Central Florida and I am a Senior. Here is my story and why  I'm here:

On September 26, 2010, I was in a car accident with my mother on Interstate-4 driving Westbound towards Tampa, FL. We were hit by a man heading Eastbound in the Westbound lanes. He had a head on collision with a pick-up truck going 70MPH, which both my mother and I saw. My mom veered into the shoulder and we were hit on the drivers side by the guy going the wrong direction. The impact caused us to roll 2.5 times. My mother died instantly from a blunt impact to the head causing a brain laceration. The guy going the wrong way died as well-- we still do not know if he was drunk, high, or sick... we'll find out in the final police report though. He also did not have insurance, so he should not have been driving in the first place. 

When we landed, I kept screaming "Mommy, Mommy, Mommy," and realized that we were upside down. I also had my moms dog in my lap (Chloe). She was scurrying around so I pushed her out of the car, worried the car was on fire. Then I worried about myself. I glanced outside of the window and saw that people had already gotten out of their cars and were wandering around. I screamed for help and stuck my hand out of the broken window and someone came immediately to help me. They unattached my seat belt and I crawled out of the car and ran around in circles calling for Chloe and saying that my mom wasn't responding to me. Someone had already dialed 9-11 at the point but I was still terrified that my mom was dead.  I kept looking for Chloe and someone found her and told me she was hit by a car-- I felt (and still feel) terrible about pushing her out of the car. I saved her life by crouching over her when we rolled, and she died because of my shoving her out of the window when we landed. Eventually, when the paramedics came, I ran over to where my mom was and she was partially ejected from the car. I saw her lying there, dead facing the ground. I didn't see any blood or what her face looked like, but the coroner later told use she was unidentifiable. At that time, I was not officially told that she was dead... but something inside me knew. A piece of me felt lost as soon as we landed.

I was transported to the emergency room at Tampa General Hospital and was left in a room by myself for about an hour. I still had not found out about my mother and her condition. Eventually, the doctor came in and read off of my chart: "driver died at scene," and quickly walked out of the room and left me there... alone. About 45 minutes later, my brother came in and stayed with me while I got my stitches. Shortly after an officer came in and told us officially that my mom had died. He gave us Chloe's leash and tags and my mothers purse.

I have returned to school at UCF, and I'm not motivated to do anything. I'm trying, but I'm not jumping right back in like I normally would. I have started grief/ trauma counseling and was advised to blog/journal about my grief and pain. It has been helping so far, but I find it easier to get advice/support from strangers, instead of  friends. Friends tell you what they think is best because they know you but, they don't know the experience.

Sometimes I rant when I'm trying not to, so I hope this makes sense. Here is a link to an article about the accident: http://www.baynews9.com/article/news/2010/september/155083/2-dead-in-overnight-three-car-accident-on-I-4

Some info is wrong. My mom was 57 and Mr. Muniz was 51.