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Survivors of the worst hands in life. . .
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Welcome to the Survivors of Life community! Please be respectful of all, and be honest. I am not a counselour, but I do try to help where I can! Enjoy!

January 2013
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gaiman_phile [userpic]
Some updating for you all . . . .

I'm unsure as to who's still around on this thing, I'm just as guilty about lurking in my own comm, though, so no worries about lurkers.

Things in my life have reached a weird plateau.

I last posted that I missed Missouri, and the stuff I missed the most down there. It's coming up on two years now, in just a few months, and I can honestly say I am still very sad about DM and Magpie, but I am so past my "life mate," I don't have anything but strength from that anymore.

Struggle is our nourishment for strength. - Kris Dommin.

He's fuckin' right.

I'm in my own place, I still have my dog - that's her in the pic with me - and I'm living a quieter life now that I'm not around asshats anymore. Drama-free. I am within walking distance from everything I need - stores, library, counseling office, etc.

things are on the up, and i aim to keep the b/s out of my life. this time.

Where are you as you type this?: out
How do you feel right now?: happyhappy
What are you listening to or watching?: "Dark Holiday" - Dommin